Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancer

There are many symptoms of head and neck cancers, including the following:

  • Lump or sore inside the nose that will not heal
  • Sore throat that does not go away
  • Blocked sinuses that will not clear
  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Cough or hoarseness that does not go away
  • Coughing up blood
  • Difficulty swallowing, speaking, or breathing
  • Frequent headache or pain around the nose, cheeks, or forehead
  • Frequent nose bleeds or ones that don’t stop
  • Growth or sore in the mouth
  • Lump in the neck
  • Numbness in the face
  • Pain in the ear, face, chin, neck, upper back, or upper teeth
  • Swelling of the eyes or under the chin or around the jaw
  • Vomiting

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