PET/CT and Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

PET/CT scans of the heart allow the study and evaluation of various characteristics of heart tissue function.

PET/CT plays an important in diagnosing heart problems, describing diseases and developing a treatment strategy.

PET/CT has become one of the most accurate tests available to reveal coronary artery disease and impaired blood flow. It can also be used to rule out its presence. PET/CT can determine whether bypass surgery or transplant is the appropriate treatment

In effect the role of PET/CT in cardiovascular disease is to provides a way of assessing the severity of heart disease and measure its impact on heart function.

PET/CT therefore has the following benefits

  • Can aid detection of coronary heart disease before clinical symptoms appear
  • Determine the extent of coronary heart disease, before and after treatment
  • Can be used to judge whether a surgery to reverse the effects of a coronary blockage will improve the function of the heart

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