PET/CT & Brain Tumours

The brain is a very complex organ made up of many different cells and parts. Together with the spinal cord, the brain makes up the central nervous system, controlling our physical functions and behaviors. The brain is the center of emotion, thought memory and speech and is made up of three main parts: Cerebrum, Cerebellum and Brain stem. Our skull protects these parts, while the spinal cord is surrounded by the vertebral column.

Many types of cancer can form in the brain and the type of cancer is dependant on where the cancer cells originate.

There are various types of brain tumors that exist and these are either primary or secondary brain tumors.

  • Primary Brain Tumors

Primary brain tumours are tumours that began in the brain and include Gilomas (types of tumors from glial cells) and Meningiomas(tumors beginning in the layer of tissue that surrounds the brain).

  • Secondary Brain Tumors

Secondary brain tumors are also known as metastatic brain tumors. These are cancers that started in another organ and then traveled to the brain.

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