Cardiovascular Disorders

Blood flow to the heart muscle supplies the nutrients that the heart muscle needs to function and pump blood to the tissues, organs and muscles through out the body.

Coronary heart disease is results in a narrowing of the vessels in the heart, which restricts the amount of blood flow to these all-important muscles. Proper treatment of heart disease depends on understanding the level of severity of the disease and impact on the heart's function.

PET/CT can help with the Coronary heart disease in the following ways:

  • Measures the capability of myocardial cells to determine whether patients with cardiac dysfunction can be helped with coronary angiography.
  • Pinpoints where compromised blood flow occurs and identifies whether the muscles in the area are still alive.
  • Can determine how the heart receives blood, aiding in follow-up care for cardio-transplant patients and providing early medical intervention for those at risk of heart disease.

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