Nuclear Medicine Technologists Play Important Role In Radiologic Diagnosis

Nuclear medicine is a special branch of medicine used for medical imaging. Here physician uses radioactive isotopes and relies on the process of radioactive decay in the treatment procedure. In radiology, this type of diagnosis process needs the technical experts of the field to performs better. A nuclear medicine technologist works in coordination with the nuclear medicine radiologist. They prepare and administer radiopharmaceuticals, perform the procedures of imaging, enhance images quality with the help of computer and analyze biologic specimens.

Nuclear technologies have a wide application in the field of nuclear engineering technology and
nuclear medical technology
. The related programs for the technologists are being offered at the associate degree, certificate and bachelor’s levels. They train students to administer radioactive tracers and perform diagnostic imaging modalities. Such courses aim to train students to administer radioactive tracers and perform diagnostic imaging procedures by covering various types of radiopharmaceuticals and radiation safety procedures.  

The nuclear medicine technologists work with the patient during imaging procedure. They go through patient history, describe imaging procedure and monitor physical and mental condition of the patient. In this way, there are certain responsibilities of such technologists, such as- 
  • They prepare and administer radioactive chemical compounds/radiopharmaceuticals
  • Technicians use a set of sophisticated radiation-detecting system
  • They analyze biologic specimens in the laboratory
  • They work to provide images and other patient information to doctor required for diagnostic interpretation  
These technologists work in a wide variety of clinical settings, such as community hospitals, public health care institutes, outpatient imaging facilities, government and private research institutes, University-affiliated teaching hospitals and medical centers.

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