Mutidetector Computed Tomography and its Uses In Radiological Imaging

Radiology is one of those methods in the medical science of imaging that has revolutionized the whole medicine world. In the area of medicine it was really becoming a necessity to get a comprehensive grip on some of the most dangerous diseases in the world, like cancer. The advent of the techniques of radiology has taken this journey millions miles ahead. The imaging techniques like the X-rays, the MRI, the ultrasound, the Computed tomography etc. have provided the physicians with some of the most powerful methods that can help in detecting, diagnosing as well as treating some of the most dangerous diseases like cancer, in the world.  One methods of radiology imaging is that of the computed tomography. In this method the three dimensional images of the inner of the object that is being viewed is taken by using the digital geometry processing technique. Here a large number of two dimensional x-rays are taken around a single axis of rotation. Even in computed tomography, there are several methods that are used in order to make sure that the right kind of imaging is done for the requisite cases. One such type is the Multidetector computed tomography.

In the Multidetector computed tomography there are two dimensional detectors that replace the linear array of detectors as in the normal and helical computed tomography. The two dimensions allow the radiologist to get multiple sections of the object under scrutiny and thereby reducing the time of the acquisition of the images. Although it has been noticed that the image construction in the Multidetector computed tomography is a very complex process. But still then it has enabled the development of the high resolution CT applications like CT angiography and the CT colonoscopy.   


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