The Role and Responsibilities of a Computed Tomography Technologist

In the technique of computed tomography, ionizing radiation is used in order to obtain the anatomic information from the cross-sectional plane of the body. The computed tomography imaging techniques can be used in order to diagnose illnesses, diagnosing trauma patients, and planning treatments for cancer patients. The person who is an expert in carrying out the computed tomography is known as the computed tomography technologist.

A computed tomography technologist has to be able to perform CT procedures in the most competitive and efficient manner. It is required from the computed tomography technologist that he should be able to do the test and then be able to make judgments about the images obtained in accordance with the anatomical identification. He is supposed to have a thorough knowledge of the anatomy equipment operation, sterile technique, contrast media, and most importunately the emergency procedures. The computed tomography technologist might also be required to get involved in the patient care. Their responsibilities would include care of IVs, chest tubes, venipuncture, catherters and oxygen when required. It is the responsibility of the computed tomography technologist to assist the patient, operate the equipment, communicate the procedure, and also to analyze the images for quality. In many cases they are also supposed to perform post processing, along with the image reconstruction. One of the most important aspects of the computed tomography technologist’s job is to have a friendly countenance, the ability to multitask, and handle stress.  

A CT technologist is required in the health care institutes almost 24 hours a day. Thus a computed tomography technologist can work in any of the shifts and might even be required to work in the rotational shifts.

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