Computed Tomography (Ct) – To Produce Detailed Images of the Spine

Computed Tomography (CT) – Spine is a noninvasive medical test that uses x-rays to produce detailed images of the spine and vertebrae in the neck (cervical spine), upper back (thoracic spine), or lower back (lumbosacral spine). Using Computed Tomography, the bony structure of the spinal vertebrae is clearly and accurately captured. The doctors can detect spinal column damage in patients who have been injured.

This Medical Test Is Performed To:

  • Evaluate the spine before and after surgery
  • Detect various types of tumor in the vertebral column
  • Help diagnose spinal pain
  • Accurately measure bone density in the spine and predict whether patients are at risk of osteoporosis
  • Guide diagnostic procedures such as the biopsy of a suspicious area
  • Detect cancer, or the removal of fluid from a localized infection
In patients with narrowing of the spinal canal, vertebral fracture, infection or degenerative disease such as arthritis, CT of the spine may provide important information when performed alone or in addition to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Computed Tomography (CT) – Spine can provide invaluable information about patients suffering from narrowing of the spinal canal, vertebral fracture, infection or degenerative disease such as arthritis. For better diagnosis, CT of the spine is often performed in addition magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Some Of The Benefits Of This Medical Test Are:
Spinal CT scanning is a fast procedure that gives accurate information. The spine may be displayed in multiple planes using this medical test.
Computed Tomography (CT) – Spine is painless, noninvasive and accurate.
Provides real-time imaging
Less sensitive to patient movement than MRI

There is always a slight chance of cancer from excessive exposure to radiation. However, the benefit of an accurate diagnosis far outweighs the risk.

However, Computed Tomography (CT) – Spine does not consistently show enough detail for proper assessment of the spinal cord. MRI is more suitable method.

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